About Us

Your Auctioneer and Appraiser

  Your auctioneer, Daniel G. Petterson, SCAL 1885, has a lifetime of experience that began long before he purchased the antique business in 1983. During the early 1960’s Harold Petterson, a ship inspector for the U.S. Navy, was actively involved in government surplus auctions where he and his young son Daniel, purchased furniture, appliances, motor vehicles, boats, tools, technical equipment and "mystery" items. Research and discovery soon became the real thrill of the auction game.

  Upon his early retirement from the Charleston Naval Shipyard in the mid 1960’s, Petterson (and son) got involved in what was to become the flea market industry. They started attending antique shows, sales and auctions. By the time the 1970’s arrived Petterson Antique and Gift Shoppe was firmly established in the prestigious "King Street Antique District" located in the heart of beautiful downtown Charleston, South Carolina.

  Like it or not Daniel Petterson had a job. He worked after school, on weekends, and summers buying, selling, and appraising. It was at this time that Daniel started what is now a comprehensive library of price guides, trade manuals, and appraisal tools. While earning a B.S. Degree in Business Administration from the College of Charleston (class of ’76) "the Shoppe" became more than a job. It became a way of life.

  After purchasing the business from his father in 1983, Daniel was the only buyer for the company. The next several years were spent purchasing merchandise form the finest auctioneers in America. He dealt with William Smith in Vermont, the great Richard Withington in New Hampshire, Mock and Julia in Maine, Conestoga and Roan in Pennsylvania, Skinner in Massachusetts, in New York, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, and Florida.

  Dan believes this is the arena that honest value is truly determined by a public offer and an acceptance for cash. This is where the greatest art and finest furniture realizes it’s true worth. Auctions determine the value of commodities, produce, livestock, and automobiles. The stock market is an auction.

  In 1988, Petterson graduated from Reperts Auction School in Decatur, Indiana and in 1989 "the Shoppe" became Petterson Antiques and Auction Service. It was during this period that Charleston was devastated by a terrible storm known as Hurricane Hugo and appraisers came into great demand. As a result the appraisal business has become a staple with the company. Daniel is bonded by the state through the S.C. Auctioneers Commission. As a member of the Indiana Auctioneers Association, the South Carolina Auctioneers Association and the Charleston Antique Dealers Association he remains at your service.